Shadows and Dreams: my first Art book

Finally, my first Art book is being released worldwide, with an exclusive US launch at Center Stage Gallery in Burbank, 847 Hollywood Way Suite 100, in Burbank, California on Saturday May 17, from 1pm to 5pm.

See the event's announcement here on CSG's website.
The book signing event will also feature 10 limited edition prints on metal of some of my images and one original graphite portrait on paper.
The signed book will be sold exclusively at CSG for the duration of the show, with a 10% discount.

You can already pre-order the book here:

(The gallery ships internationally).
The first 50 people to buy the book at the event will receive a signed complementary mini print of "The Gate," one my next book's images.
After the show, you will be able to buy the book everywhere (including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, etc...). Ordering it from CSG will still give you a 10% discount, and ordering it from me will give you a signed book, plus a 10% discount.

Book summary:
"In this first volume, Christophe Vacher introduces a wide range of pieces, illustrating his versatile career, alternately as a painter, concept artist/illustrator and art director. From his haunting and dream-like personal paintings often inspired by his European background and the Imaginary Realism movement, to his animation and movie work for major Hollywood studios, along with a variety of concept art and illustrations for the entertainment industry, the book presents a selection of both traditional and digital artworks, spanning over a period of more than 20 years.

This edition contains both English, French and Chinese translations all combined within the same book."